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It is pure ignorance bordering on blatant stup…

It is pure ignorance bordering on blatant stupidity…to imagine that everyone alive today…the
7.6 billion

people on planet earth…the Africans…the Chinese… Aborigines… Indians… Eskimos…etc…are all descendants of Middle-Eastern/near Shuruppak***

Noah* and his three boys**…in 2,800 BCE (or even on the nightfall on Sunday, October 23, 4004 BCE***)…

It is quite revealing…that bible Jesus/bible god…not only believed in Noah and the flood myth…but also thought the Adam and Eve myth was literal…! “According to Jesus, Noah, the ark, and a
global flood that killed all the birds, beasts, and people on the earth,
were as historically real as His second coming (would be)…If Noah was not real, or if everyone
in the world was not killed, or if the flood was not global…then Jesus’
comments make no sense…

(There you go…I knew you’d get it sooner or later…!*****)

“Noah appears in Genesis 5:29 as the son of Lamech and ninth in descent from Adam..”

OK, the stupid never stops…!  “When Noah was five hundred years old (!), he became the father of Shem, Ham and Japheth




***** Scientifically verifiable facts and knowledge…undermine myths…and those desperate to protect myths from reality…have to go to insane/stupendous lengths…and deploy convoluted/faulty “reasoning”…to bury their heads in the sands (of nonsense)…!

Lawyers for past and present clergy…attack g…

Lawyers for past and present clergy…attack grand jury report…:

Lawyers for current and former clergy in six Pennsylvania Roman
Catholic dioceses
named in a pending grand jury report on child abuse
have ripped the massive document as full of “gross mischaracterizations
and falsities…

In their filings, the lawyers
revealed new details of the extensive probe, including the disclosure
that the report names at least 90 abusive clergy who officials suggest
belonged to the Pittsburgh Diocese alone.

more than the number named in the sweeping 2005 grand jury report on
abuse in the Philadelphia Archdiocese, an inquiry considered to be among
the most thoroughly researched clergy-abuse reports nationwide.

more than a dozen separate legal attacks, the lawyers question even the
legal basis for the two-year grand jury investigation, which produced a
report nearly 900 pages long chronicling abuses and cover-ups in six of
Pennsylvania’s eight dioceses
, including Pittsburgh and Scranton.

The lawyers…say the law establishing
statewide grand juries limits them to going after mobsters and corrupt
politicians, not clergy or church officials who harm children.

State prosecutors under
Attorney General Josh Shapiro were “not permitted  to use grand juries
as freewheeling instruments of reform. This is what legislatures are
for,” the attorneys assert.

lawyer, Efrem Grail, wrote that prosecutors “cannot use the grand jury
process in a manner not authorized by statute, for publicity, or as a
focus for elected officials’ pet” projects (!).

Joe Grace, spokesperson for Shapiro (the
attorney general), fired back later Friday. “There isn’t a morsel of truth to their allegation,” he said in a statement. “Their desperate claim speaks volumes.”

grand jury report, on ice pending the result of the state Supreme Court
appeals,  explores abuse going back decades in the Allentown,
Harrisburg, Erie, and Greensburg Dioceses, as well as Pittsburgh and
Scranton.  In 2016, the Attorney General’s Office released a report on
the Altoona-Johnstown Diocese. Two
tough reports on the Philadelphia Archdiocese came before that. Thus,
the release of the new document would mean every diocese in Pennsylvania
had been scrutinized.”

“"There isn’t a morsel of truth to their allegation,“ Grace said in a
statement, the Inquirer reported. "Their desperate claim speaks
volumes."Speaking earlier this month, Shapiro stood by the report as
"accurate,” and called the legal filings “nothing more than a desperate
attempt to stop the public from learning the truth about their abhorrent

“The current delay in the release of the long-awaited report has engendered outcry from victims many of whom charge that powerful forces, including the church, are trying to block the release of the report…”

“In God We Trust”-Tennessee*: Pastor accused o…

“In God We Trust”-Tennessee*: Pastor accused of raping teen… inside the very “house of the living god”…:

“Ronnie” Messer, 46, was arrested after the girl’s family reported him
to authorities claiming he took the 17-year-old to the Crossway Worship

The girl’s sister alleged the the pastor led the teen through the center’s rear entrance to a room, where he then raped her.

Messer told police he thought the encounter with the underage girl was consensual…” (as did bible god, concerning 12 year old Mary…!)


Who Wrote The Gospels?

Who Wrote The Gospels?:

Let that sink in…

The bible god chose 12 disciples…who were either illiterate fishermen…or so unimpressed with what they had supposedly witnessed…that not one of them wrote down what they had witnessed…

40 – 60 years after the death of bible Jesus…unknown others started writing stories about Jesus…in a different language and location to the bible Jesus and his disciples…which started the literary journey…of the evolution of the conflicting Gospels…

So the “witness of god”…the Gospels…the very basis of belief in bible Jesus…by bible believers…were never written by witnesses of the supposed events…!

(Hearsay! Your Honor…I rest my case!…Case dismissed…!)

Watch…  and

Side note: Paul, who supposedly wrote the majority of the New Testament…was never a disciple or eye-witness of bible Jesus…

Born free…But then they were herded&hel…

Born free…

But then they were herded…corralled…branded…continually fed fabricated fodder…

But for what purpose…?

To be fleeced for life…!

Take the journey…and free yourself
once again…from conditioned/enforced servitude…to a sectarian religious institution…who peddle religious superstition for cash…!

If you have to force your unprovable sectarian…

If you have to force your unprovable sectarian religious irrational beliefs on others…you are conceding that they are not self-evident…not self-convincing…not real!

And you are demonstrating that you are a bully…an immoral oppressor…a disrespecter of the rights and freedoms of others…to (rationally) choose to not believe your irrational, unverifiable, baseless sectarian religious assertions…

Related…”A bill requiring Tennessee schools to prominently display the national
“In God We Trust” motto is headed to the governor for his signature…
“In God We Trust” became the national motto in 1956 (  replacing “E Pluribus Unum (“from many, one”)…adopted by an Act of Congress in 1782 as the motto for the Seal of the United States and has been used on coins and paper money since 1795…”

That god broke his own laws, and fornicated wi…

That god broke his own laws, and fornicated with a human female child outside of wedlock…supposedly producing a “sinless” child…despite half it’s DNA coming from a fallen, sinful human…in fact, of the very gender religion believes brought sin into the world…by disobediently eating forbidden magical fruit…

…for the purpose of being a human sacrifice…to appease the very god that broke his own laws to produce the imperfect hybrid…part god, part human…that somehow is equal to god, and in fact, is god…

…is a poorly and nonsensically constructed myth…which has been primarily used…to separate the naive from their cash…

See also…

Dan Barker…ex-fundamentalist minister…arti…

Dan Barker…ex-fundamentalist minister…articulates to Oxford University…his journey from being deluded with religious fantasy…to embracing the reality…that god(s) are myth…:


“Dan Barker says that he used to be a firm believer in the gospel. He was
evangelical. He tells of parables and fables whose story is meant to be
fictional but the moral tale is what matters. He goes on to highlight
that modern day Christians understand the use of metaphors in the Bible
that everything should not be taken as pure gospel, but says where do we
draw the line between what is real and what is myth?

Following this he states there is no hard evidence for god, that some
tales in the bible can be questioned with simple logic. Also religions
become secular over time…”


Heaven would be absolute hell…for anyone who…

What sort of moron longs for totalitarian rule…?

A typical day in heaven…

  • 6-8am: how to master the genuflect…
  • 8-10am: grovel like you mean it…
  • 10-12pm: so you’re tone deaf. Just mouth the words instead. No one will ever know…
  • 12-2pm: broaden your adulation vocabulary…Word’s he’ll love…
  • 2-4pm: Know when to praise…know when to worship…
  • 4-6pm: How to distract yourself from missing sex…beer…free time…solitude…sleep…your loved ones in hell (tell yourself he’s torturing them because he loves them)…
  • 6pm-6am: hard core worship (alternate days, praise)…


300,000 babies stolen from their parents – and…

300,000 babies stolen from their parents – and sold for adoption: Haunting BBC documentary exposes 50-year scandal of baby trafficking by the Catholic church in Spain…:

“Up to 300,000 Spanish babies were
stolen from their parents and sold for adoption over a period of five
decades, a new investigation reveals.

children were trafficked by a secret network of doctors, nurses,
priests and nuns in a widespread practice that began during General
Franco’s dictatorship and continued until the early Nineties.

of families who had babies taken from Spanish hospitals are now
battling for an official government investigation into the scandal.
Several mothers say they were told their first-born children had died during or soon after they gave birth.

But the women, often young and unmarried, were told they could not see the body of the infant or attend their burial.

…The BBC programme shows photographs taken in the Eighties of a dead baby kept in a freezer, allegedly to show grieving mothers.

reality, the babies were sold to childless couples whose devout beliefs
and financial security meant that they were seen as more appropriate

Journalist Katya Adler, who has investigated the scandal, says: ‘The situation is incredibly sad for thousands of people.

are men and women across Spain whose lives have been turned upside-down
by discovering the people they thought were their parents actually
bought them for cash. There are also many mothers who have maintained
for years that their babies did not die – and were labelled “hysterical”
– but are now discovering that their child has probably been alive and
brought up by somebody else all this time.’

The BBC documentary features an
interview with an 89-year-old woman named Ines Perez, who admitted that a
priest encouraged her to fake a pregnancy so she could be given a baby
girl due to be born at Madrid’s San Ramon clinic in 1969. ‘The priest
gave me padding to wear on my stomach,’ she says…“

And…”Head of church in England and Wales apologizes in documentary about
women who were pressured into handing over their babies in the 50s, 60s
and 70s…