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I just needed you to know that prayer (no matt…

I just needed you to know that prayer (no matter what it’s doing) when it’s sincere it is helpful. If a person offers to pray for you that is an extraordinarily kind gesture. It is going to the highest power they know to potentially help you in ways they can’t. Therefore, I don’t think this should be dismissed so carelessly. In addition, when I pray (perhaps even for myself) I am processing my emotions better, becoming more self aware of stuff, and it is helping me live a healthier life.

did you notice how your post is only about how prayer benefits the one praying? at the same time the
one being prayed for, who is not getting any actual help, is not considered at all

oh, no, wait, not true: he damn better be grateful and “should not dismiss
it so carelessly”…

and you don’t
see anything one-sided, selfish and hypocritical in this picture?