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Hello, my name is Don…and I am a religious a…

Hello, my name is Don…and I am a religious addict…:

“It’s true, I am addicted to Christianity, to
Jesus, to God, to the church, to the methods and relationships and the
high I get from my involvement in that organization.  But like any
addiction to a harmful substance, it stole from me, and still will if I

I feel the pull – the twinge to get back involved – my
consecrated mind speaks to me – it represents the voice I was taught was
really the voice of god – “remember the time you had a group of loving
Christians gather around you and pray – remember how good that felt?”  
Yea, it did, but was it because there was a supernatural god there or
just because we all respond to loving people who gather around us and
lay hands on us.  Of course that feels good.  We are made for human
touch and attention.

The problem with it all is that we have been
conditioned to equate those moments with an imaginary god that we are
taught to picture in our minds until it feels real.  We are given
stories to create an image and the image is given details until we each
have a picture of how this god is supposed to look and behave.  We give
the image characteristics –  those characteristics vary from church to
church, person to person – so this god is very different wherever you go
– but real for that person or group just the same.  We learn to get in
touch with our feelings – our needs and our loving emotions –  and mix
them up with the idea of god.  In a way, this might even be a healthy
psychological exercise – if there is no one around to love or be loved
by – then imagine one and feel those feelings as if it was really
happening.  Same results real or imagined, right?

The problem with this
is it isn’t real, it is only imagined.

Religion is a lifestyle – and a ruler – and a cage – it has had
thousands of years to perfect its craft – and it involves a person to
the core – it demands a buy in that includes all of our thoughts and
emotions and desires.  It re-organizes our thinking to get us to conform
to the group think – and we learn how to train ourselves to become the
vessels of this entity we learn to believe in.  We become full of it
until it spills out of us. It fills our thinking and our behaviors.  We
learn to check with the teaching before we act or think or be.  The
teaching affects our thinking until it becomes built in – a part of us –
until we cannot tell where our thinking ends and the god think begins.

I could learn to love an inanimate item such as a rock with this same
conditioning.  I could convince myself that the rock loves me back until
I get emotional about it and when someone challenges my relationship
with the rock I get angry and upset and feel like I am being persecuted
and misunderstood, and even that I must help others fall in love with
this rock that I now believe is so wonderful. If I daily sing to the
rock and talk to the rock and listen to the rock, I might start thinking
I have a relationship with the rock because I am tickling those same
emotions that I normally want with a real person.

But, the illusion breaks down when I
start to make demands on the rock.  I need the rock to do a miracle – to
get me out of a jam – to rescue my daughter from depression or my son
from drugs or my family from debt.  I pray to the rock – I try to make
deals – it takes up my time and energy and I start to feel disappointed
so I increase my passion.  Maybe I was taught that the rock needs a
sacrifice – that I need to stop doing something that comes natural like
enjoy my food, so I mix ashes with it.  Will the rock accept my
sacrifice and be pleased enough with me to give me some attention now?  
More disappointment.  I am told that the rock is angry with me for some
reason – there are many reasons the rock should be angry and give me the
cold shoulder.  I am told its always my fault if the rock doesn’t do a
miracle.  It is my fault that the promises the rock made are unkept.  

Soon I discover that this relationship is totally one sided – it won’t
exist unless I do all of the work.  My god, the rock, never initiates
conversation or surprises me for my birthday with flowers.  This rock
just sits there and I have to be the one to sing and talk and pray and
worship to make it real.

So I come to my senses, but the guilt follows me. I hear the
conditioning tell me that I have disappointed the rock, and I will
suffer for it.  I see a group of rock worshippers and I feel the pull
back into fellowship. Like a gambler, I tell myself, maybe it will work
if it give it one more chance.  Then I get disappointed again and leave
again only to return again.  Like a real addict.

It takes time to become healed from the conditioning.  Our logical minds
need to be nurtured again – and our disappointments remembered. A group
like ex-Christians helps.  it is good to hear the stories of others who
gave in to the rock, were burned, abused, disappointed, lied to, and
messed with, to help us out of the mind control.  For some of us, the
illusion went so deep that we still feel the fear and anxiety of trying
to please an unpleasable god and being told that we were failing, and
our self esteem suffered deep psychological scars.  But I believe that
in time if we keep moving toward the light of understanding and logic
and reconditioning our thinking that we will find the kind of peace and
happiness that is available.  For some it may require professional

In the seventh verse of the Sermon on the Mo…

In the seventh verse of the Sermon on the
Mount…and also the seventh of what are known as the Beatitudes….the text reads:  

Blessed are the peacemakers*…for they shall be called the children of God…” Jesus, bible god Matt 5:9

* the non-religious…secular humanists…!  Jesus really hated the religious**…so in revenge…the religious made a convoluted and conflict infused sectarian fractionated religion…vindictively and mercilessly fleecing his followers…out of the rebel’s simple teaching…to love one another…!

** Matt 23:1-36  eg 15: “Curse you to eternal damnation…teachers of OT religious rules…pedantic religious sticklers!…For you cross land and sea to make one convert…and then you
turn that person into twice the child of hell you yourselves are…!

Priest’s chatroom conversations about killing,…

Priest’s chatroom conversations about killing, raping kids were ‘role play,’ attorney says:

“The Rev. William Thomas Faucher, accused of child porn and drug
crimes, was role playing with a fellow author in some of the chatroom
conversations in which he’s alleged to have said he wanted to rape and
kill children, his attorney said in court Friday.“

The 72-year-old retired priest
has been in the Ada County Jail the past four weeks — after his bond was
raised to $1 million by Magistrate Judge James Cawthon — and it doesn’t
look like he’ll be getting out anytime soon.

Manweiler argued that the priest
isn’t ambulatory — he requires a walker or wheelchair to get around —
and poses no “functional” danger to the public.

Judge Scott said not all victims of sex crimes are obtained by force.

“Some are lured by guile,” Scott said.

Scott said the evidence from
Faucher’s devices, specifically his computer and cellphone, “justify
Judge Cawthon’s conclusion that the defendant simply can’t be released

Faucher was arrested on Feb. 2.
He is now charged with 24 crimes: 21 counts of felony sexual
exploitation of a child, one count of felony possession of a controlled
substance (LSD) and two counts of misdemeanor possession of a controlled
substance (marijuana and ecstasy).

…the priest’s
friends include many top Idaho politicians, including Gov. Butch Otter,
Lt. Gov. Brad Little and Boise Mayor David Bieter.

Manweiler described the charges
against Faucher as “sensational and salacious.” He said there were never
any reports of Faucher having inappropriate conduct with children until
after the church put out a call in February for anyone abused by the
priest to come forward.

Two people have come forward to accuse Faucher of child sexual abuse decades ago. Both have chosen to remain anonymous.

Ada County Prosecutor Kassandra
Slaven told Scott about the 2,000 images and videos that investigators
seized from Faucher’s devices. She said the files depict the brutal rape
and torture of children, including toddlers and infants.

She described graphic chatroom talks that Faucher is alleged to have engaged in:

She said Faucher encouraged
someone he was chatting with to rape and kill a boy, and he expressed an
interest in raping and killing children. She said he talked about “his
favorite age of a boy being 14.” He also discussed poisoning a
neighbor’s dog, she said.

“At some point he says, and this
is a quote from Mr. Faucher: ‘Yes, I want to do something truly evil
before I die. The thought of killing someone does begin to excite me,’”
Slaven said.”

Praying practices indicate how confused, incon…

Praying practices indicate how confused, inconsistent and superstitious* god belief really is…

During family get-togethers…a bizarre dynamic…a sort of brinkmanship…takes place. The lead fundamentalist, with impressionable minds to impress…tries to take the initiative before the meal…by abruptly declaring “let us give thanks for the food!”…(the particularly conniving may add…“Please bow your heads to pray”…or even…“Let every head be bowed and every eye be closed”…) and then immediately
they launch

into pontificating prayer…to prevent anyone declaring…”Thanks Barbara for all your hard work…!”  or “To all the migrant and itinerant farm works, I propose a toast…!”

Immediately, support fundamentalists look around at the others, to see if everyone else obediently closed their eyes…but this, of course, is not biblical**…only manipulative religious tactics…!

When you pray, you are not to be like the hypocrites; for they love to
stand and pray in the synagogues and on the street corners so that they
may be seen by men. Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full.
But you, when you pray, go into your inner room, close your door and
pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees what is
done in secret will reward you. And when you are praying, do not use
meaningless repetition as the Gentiles do, for they suppose that they
will be heard for their many words…
” Jesus, bible god, Matthew 6:5–7

Closing eyes allows believers to shut out distractions*** and suppress
their  personal embarrassment (of suddenly talking to their imagination)…and concentrate on trying to surreptitiously slip in a few subliminal suggestions, like…”please bless us in our time of need…” ie anyone able to give me some cash…!?!

Side question…did the disciples…when Jesus was not present…pray to Jesus…as believers do now…or to the OT “father”, as Jesus taught…? Like all superstitions, many believers try to cover all bases…and mention “Father/god”…then Jesus…then “Lord”…then, if they are particularly pretentious…the Hold Spirit…! 

* god needs to be told what to do…like bless the food and the food preparers, lest they try to poison you…!

** that’s right, no NT instructions to close eyes. Some say that it is one of religion’s feminizations…!

“What’s strange to me is that while Jesus prayed with his eyes opened
looking up (as if god is up there somewhere, and not everywhere…!)…Christians pray with our eyes closed and our heads bowed

Why did Jesus look up to pray sometimes? Is the heavenly Father really
“up there” somewhere—implying that he is somehow absent “down here”? Did
Jesus believe like other ancient peoples that God’s heaven is beyond
the sky’s dome of blue waters?…The Bible neither emphasizes nor clarifies why Jesus on occasion looked
upward when he prayed”…

*** such as people wryly smiling at them…or winking (really a compromise, with one eye open and the other one closed!)…or yawning…pulling a silly face before sneezing violently…or adjusting their glasses with an extended middle finger…or picking their nose…or some slow Michael Jackson-esque crotch grab…or adjustment…or watching who’s already edging towards the table…!

Whereas it can be argued…that Santa Cla…

Whereas it can be argued…that Santa Clause et al. provides excitement and entertainment for infantile minds…religious belief is nothing but dangerous…for adults…

It encourages deferring to imaginary mental fabrications…for:

  • guidance
  • protection
  • healing
  • provision
  • comfort
  • false hope
  • false security
  • certainty
  • complacency
  • encouragement to give your money to charlatans

The history of conflicting world religions…shows…that nothing good comes from fundamentalist religious obsession…

Case study: Typical religious cult rules…

There are (many) people…who try to make…

There are (many) people…who try to make sense of reality…by wearing distortion goggles…ie primitive religious fantasy…

They are convinced…that the blue lines above, are not parallel…! They believe it…because primitive people said that god told them so…and they must not question that…!

But reasonable humans created the scientific method…to dispel 
misperceptions…and rely, instead, on verifiable evidence…and “lean not…on their own primitive misunderstandings…” !

What religion’s bible claims about god…is not provable…or verifiable…and therefore should be deemed…completely unreliable…

‘The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven’ Sues Publi…

‘The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven’ Sues Publisher…Accuses Father of Taking All Profits…From the Lie:

“Alex Malarkey, now 20, was left as a quadriplegic following the 2004 accident, which was made famous in the 2010 bestseller The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven.

A lawsuit filed
on Monday…claims
that Tyndale made millions from his account, which in 2015 Malarkey
admitted was a total fabrication made up by his father, Kevin Malarkey.

suit explains that the father made up the story that Malarkey “had gone
to Heaven, communicated with God the Father, Jesus, angels and the
devil, and then returned,” and that he had taken all the profits from
the book.

The complaint adds:“Despite the fact that Tyndale
House has made millions of dollars off Alex’s identity and an alleged
autobiographical story of his life, Tyndale House paid Alex, a paralyzed
young man, nothing.”

In 2015 Malarkey sent a letter to
LifeWay Christian Stores and other faith-based book sellers, explaining
why he initially went along with his father’s fabrications:

said I went to Heaven because I thought it would get me attention. When I
made the claims that I did, I had never read the Bible. People have
profited from lies, and continue to. They should read the Bible, which
is enough. The Bible is the only source of truth. Anything written by
man cannot be infallible.

The admission created a fire-storm in
the Christian publishing world, with Tyndale pulling the book, and
LifeWay, among others, returning the copies of the book at its stores.

Malarkey’s mother, Beth, who divorced from Kevin Malarkey, has also said that The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven is a lie.

first tried to tell a ‘pastor’ how wrong the book was and how it needed
stopped. Alex was told that the book was blessing people,” she
explained. “I am trying to defend my son and truth. Alex did not write
the book and it is not blessing him!”

Malarkey and his mother said in 2015 that they had warned both
Tyndale and LifeWay for years that the accounts in the book are not
true, but both publishers apparently continued profiting from the book
despite the revelations.

LifeWay insisted that it only found out
the truth about the book through Malarkey’s open letter, moving
immediately to remove it from its bookshelves.

Monday’s lawsuit declares that Malarkey does not want to be connected with the book in any way, shape or form.

that he is an adult, Alex desires to have his name completely
disassociated from the book and seeks a permanent injunction against
Tyndale House requiring it to do everything within reason to
disassociate his name from the book,” the complaint reads.

“Alex is not affiliated with the book. Alex is not connected to the book. Alex wants and has no association with the book.”

also reaffirms that the near-death experience contained in the book is
“entirely false,”
noting that the young man does not remember anything
from the coma.

A Tyndale representative meanwhile told The Washington Post that for years the publisher had been attempting to discuss the inaccuracies in the book with the family, but to no avail.

more than one occasion we asked for a meeting with Kevin, Beth, Alex
and their agent to discuss and correct any inaccuracies, but Beth would
not agree to such a meeting,” the source argued.”

The religious talk up fantasy stories…t…

The religious talk up fantasy stories…to fleece the gullible…

While science devises real life solutions…to solve real life-and-death problems…

Further to the theory that both parents of Jes…

Further to the theory that both parents of Jesus, Joseph and Mary, worked extensively in major theaters throughout Israel and Egypt…Joseph as a senior prop maker…and Mary starting as a beguiling child actress…and who Jesus learned his stage-craft from…as he helped them…and perfected his skills…for the first thirty years of his life…before branching out on his own improv traveling show in the provinces…

…inquiring minds have now replicated all his “miracles”…using theater techniques and tools available at the time…and to which simple, unsophisticated rural folk just had no prior exposure to…or knowledge of…so it blew their tiny naive minds…so that they then continually embellished their accounts…with each retelling…of what they thought they witnessed…during close-up magic shows…with Jesus and his creative band of crowd plants…

  • Peter…pyrotechnics
  • Andrew…the lame to healed
  • James…the food distributor
  • John…the first in the crowd to yell “It’s a Miracle!
  • Philip…levitation expert
  • Bartholomew…the blind to sighted
  • Thomas…the openly skeptical to enthusiastic convert
  • Judas…the busking cash collector
  • Matthew…water works expert





The real Ark of the Covenant may have housed p…

The real Ark of the Covenant may have housed pagan gods…:

“It has long been forgotten who wrote “the Bible”:
different parts were clearly written in different times by different
people, over hundreds and hundreds of years. But the Davidic or
Solomonic texts are not believed to have originated in their own time,
only centuries later.

The biblical texts that recount this glorious empire and Solomons building of the Temple seem to have originated from the late 7th century B.C.E., in the time of King Josiah, around three centuries after the supposed Davidic era, Rmer says.

The Bible itself, in what may have been an editorial slipup, appears to
confirm Josiah’s role in bringing the ark to Jerusalem. It is he, not
David, who tells the Levites in 2 Chronicles 35:3 to put the holy ark in the house that Solomon the son of David, king of Israel, built. You need not carry it on your shoulders.“         

In the early days, Yahweh himself was far from an invisible, universal deity. He was worshipped in the form of a bull or a sitting god; he had a divine consort, Asherah,
and, as shown again in the Ajrud inscriptions, had localized cults that
venerated Yahweh of Samaria and Yahweh of Teman, rather than a
centralized worship in Jerusalem.

These biblical stories may all contain echoes of
the ancient cults connected to the ark. It is difficult to completely
untangle the many layers of history and myth contained in this story
thousands of years later, but a broader message does emerge.

The Bible appears to
describe the ancient Israelites, from Moses onward, as staunch
monotheists who sometimes err towards paganism and are punished for
their sins by God. But this picture may be the result of mostly
self-serving propaganda by the priests and scribes of the late monarchic
or post-exilic periods.        

The reality emerging today
from the combined work of biblical scholars and archeologists is much
more complex and diverse. It indicates that Judaism as we know it today
evolved slowly and organically, incorporating a variety of influences
and religious traditions from the mosaic of cultures that lived side by
side in the region.

Read in full…