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I’m glad you’re addessing athiests…

I’m glad you’re addessing athiests coming from Islam. Too often many try to make excuses making Islam look as good as possible, and worse these people often slam Christianity. They are blinded by politics to see Islam as a “better other” because they are attacked by many Christians, but none of that should absolve Islam and make it immune to critisism. All religious texts, be they Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, occult, Confucianist, etc. should not be immune to criticism.

you pretty much nailed it 🙂 i know, my blog is focused on religion, but in the end, what you said is true for any ideology:

people have rights, ideologies don’t. especially harmful ideologies can and must be called out for criticism, mockery and satire.

ideologies making claims must back these up with evidence. the one making the claim bears the burden of proof.

it is ridiculous to demand respect for an ideology without presenting any evidence, trying to silence criticism. religion invented the expression “blasphemy” for this, often with threats of harsh punishment.

to believe without evidence is equal to committing intellectual suicide. basically you shut down your thinking and become a braindead believer.

criticism, questioning, demanding evidence accelerates the process to find out if a claim is true or false, it debunks scams and switches brains back on. it is what keeps the world progressing towards new knowledge and objective truths.

For a person who doesn’t believe in reli…

For a person who doesn’t believe in religion you seem to be obsessed by it. A lot of Muslims don’t believe Muhammads wife was 9 they believe she was 19. So yeah you got a lot of learning to do. Maybe you’re just obsessed with thinking about 9 year olds and sex must be a pedophile. See how I can use your logic against you. Also, religious people can be more open minded than butthurt Athiests like you. You get so triggered by religion you have to be a salty ignorant prick about it. wanker

so you thought for real that it is the bad, bad atheists that portray muhammad as pedophile…? no, my clumsy little friend, muhammad’s pedophilia is very well documented numerous times in the hadiths.

to name just one of many sources: sahih bukhari volume 7, book 62, number 64: “that the prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years (i.e., till his death).”

in the language you like to use, it translates as: “muhammad fucked aisha when she was nine.” (by the way, he was 53 at that time)

i understand that muslim believers are avoiding or ignoring these verses, trying to defend a fabricated flawless image of their chosen prophet, but that does not change the scripture that they say is equally flawless and perfect.

so i strongly recommend you to do your homework first next time, before making a complete fool of yourself and exposing your ignorance about islam. come back once you have educated yourself. but then don’t just throw random ad hominems at people, embedded in incoherent gibberish which was never even close to a rational thought. no one will take you serious like that.

I wonder what neo-pagans and others who revere…

I wonder what neo-pagans and others who revere the good ol’ days when mediciene used leeches and hanging stuff to repel fairies think of places like in parts of rural Africa were people kill others because they suspect people are putting curses on their family, people die because they turn to magic for snake bites, kill or dismember albino people because their body parts are used for magic, and animals are sacrificed for divination used to decide if someone is guilty of a crime.

so true. superstitions have a very dangerous potential; since superstitions usually are non-testable and therefore not verifiable claims, they can be instrumentalised to control believers or at least rip them off (religion, homeopathy, astrology, etc). as you mentioned, in the worst case people get killed for not conforming to the superstition or can not get the help they need, like real medical treatment. we still live in a demon-haunted world…

Keep your hate out of the wicca tag. Stuck up…

Keep your hate out of the wicca tag. Stuck up, hateful atheists really need to check themselves. Smh.

i seriously don’t have a clue
what you are talking about, but…


Actually that Wiccan activist isn't a fri…

Actually that Wiccan activist isn't a friend, just someone I heard of and as someone who has studied logical and cognitive fallacies in psychology it feels very contradictory. I've also seen witch blogs on Tumblr emphasizing "does it work?" and critical thinking; typically these blogs are dedicating to berating other witches on Tumblr who have an "anything you do is legit magick" attitude toward witchcraft rather than traditional sources.

as i said, no matter how much we study about fallacies, if we have a deep wish to believe something, gullibility takes over and we put rationality aside, so that our wish is satisfied. at the end of the day, wicca is usually a harmless superstition as they seek to live in harmony with nature

What do you think of people who do witchcraft/…

What do you think of people who do witchcraft/magick/astrology who say they are also biologists, psychologists, programmers, physicist, doctors, etc.? I know there is a Wicca activist who is a practicing psychologist.

partially answered in my answer to your last post: although studies clearly indicate that intelligent or better educated people are less likely to fall for superstitions, everyone got fears and wishes that can be very strong and blur our ability to rationally approach such topics.

psychologists for example learn in their studies all about neurophysics, psychopathological disorders like phobias, furthermore about biases, fallacies,


so it seems paradoxical because after all, they should know better. but just because they study something in theory does not mean they are immune against it in their everyday life. they are still human beings with wishes and fears. knowing that your arachnophobia is irrational does not make it go away, no matter how much insight you have and how clever you are. but it sure helps to tackle your problem and ask for help or take the right steps…

as for your friend: as long as nobody gets hurt or she does not incorporate her irrationalities into her work as a psychologist (which would be highly unprofessional and against the code of the APA or any other psychologist association i know), she can happily pursue her fantasy world, just like in RPG

just my opinion, hope i could help a little bit

Same anon about superstition tumblr. A very c…

Same anon about superstition tumblr. A very common thing I’ve seen there is people keep talking about “spirit work” and communicating with spirits. Some go very very far about it such as one who described their spirits as vampiric energy-sucking entities that can hurt other people if not monitored. Some also have gotten into the business of vetting and selling spirits. Some have formed very wild and detailed descriptions on them and how they work. How does something like this persist?

i’d say it is essentially the same mechanism as used by religion: it is often a comibination of instrumentalising fears/wishes and logical failure (”you can not prove that vampires do not exist – therefore they exist”). unfortunately this works pretty well for gullible minds. the greater the fear/wish of something to be true, the lesser people question it and ask for evidence and the more people are likely to fall for such a scam. just look at how religions have perfected this method with the concept of heaven and hell

Pastafarianism and the church of the Giant Fly…

Pastafarianism and the church of the Giant Flying Spaghetti Monster, do his giant noodly tentacles tickle you?

for a long time i was in denial of his existence, but the evidence is just too strong; no way spaghetti with meatballs can be so heavenly delicious without his divine magic. it was true revelation the first time i got touched by his noodly appendage… praised be the FSM!

I am someone in the table top RPG community he…

I am someone in the table top RPG community here on Tumblr, and as such I often run into blogs of people who believe in all sorts of things like magick, astrology, faeries, tarot readings, spirits. I almost got into it, but its so loaded with inconsistencies and a lot of stuff there was very paranoia inducing and 80% of it was like people using magick to cure their own mental illnesses (which obviously didn't happen). Your blog is a breath of fresh air after all of that.

many thanks for the compliment! it makes me happy when people tell their stories of how they did not fall for irrational scams. i mean, there is nothing wrong to escape for a while in a cool fantasy world, as long as you can still distinguish fantasy from reality and find your way back 🙂

A little baby elephant stumbles into your ask …

A little baby elephant stumbles into your ask box, holding a small letter in his mouth. He hands the note to you, “I love you. You are a wonderful, loved person." 💌 🐘

have not seen that one in years. still cute, thanks anonymous, i love you too 🙂