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Reading between the lines…

At the very crux, right between the transition of the Roman state tolerated religion from Judaeo to Christianity…there was a momentary opportunity…a suggestion for people to abandon institutionalized, power lusting religion, altogether…the hint of the very beginning of the Nones…!

Now, two thousand years later…the populace is sufficiently educated and informed about the immorality of religion…to choose to become “Nones” for themselves…and they are…!

Jesus: Just love your neighbor as yourself…!  Exercise your humanity…!

But up stepped Jesus Follower persecutor and murderer, Roman Rabbi Paul: Poor naive Jesus…If the old religion has taught us anything, it is that religious nationalism requires strict controls. The power to punish indiscriminately. No, we need structure…! A multi-layered hierarchy…An elaborate institution… A means to create and control followers…To collect money from them…and build a church empire…! Something large enough to negotiate and collaborate with the evil Political Rulers of the day…to steal from the public purse…and get judges and civic leaders to look the other way, as we have our way…!  

Jesus: Religion is enshrined bigotry and hate.
The law of love will be written on the people’s hearts.

We should release people to do good works for those in need, not contain and frustrate the good works of individuals…

Roman Rabbi Paul:

Rules build empires. We need followers, because we need sheep to fleece…cannon fodder to fight “holy”/immoral wars…mindless robotons who will align themselves with the immoral…people who’s “righteousness” comes from belonging to a religious sect…and not from helping those in need…! The religious institution will pretend to help those in need, while buying golden goblets…and works of art…and massive religious buildings…and even religious cities…with the money collected…

Jesus: You are white-washed tombs…!

Roman Rabbi Paul:

Crucify him…again and again…and publicly…! And re-write his message of human love for others…into one of religious empire building…and sectarian bigotry…! And kill his followers and his message…Look, he wrote nothing down, so we will write his message down for him…intertwined with our message of chaos and conquest…!  And we’ll pretend our followers are his followers…by calling them after him…to entrap and hide behind and among those that desire to do good…those naive like him…while we carry out our agenda of self-aggrandizement…!

But after two millennia…the people finally stood up…and said…enough is enough…and took away political control from the immoral religious empire…!



Slip Sliding Away…

As outlined in …a truly biblical life is unattainable…

The best you can hope for…is
to attain the level of “Cherry-Picking Hypocrite”…which a religious believer
achieves on day one…!

From there, all religious “progress”…is to sink lower…!

By sufficiently suffocating common morality and human decency…one can achieve the demerit badges of…”Lame Pathetic Excuser”…”Blinder of the Sighted”…”Confounder of the Reasonable”…“Fleecer of the Gullible”…

”Pretentious Pontificator”…or the ultimate…”Concealer of the Molesters”…

…or as the NT god put it…

Woe to you, teachers of the law…you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean. In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness…

“You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?… how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were not willing. Look, your house is left to you desolate…“ Jesus, bible god, Matthew 23:27-39

There is a good reason why the NT god was writ…

There is a good reason why the NT god was written to be an unemployed, unmarried, homeless, destitute, uneducated, unqualified, responsibility-free 30-something year old male martyr…

Because it is impossible to follow his teachings…and…have a wife and family…hold down a job…take out a home loan…fulfill contractual responsibilities…maintain assets…and live a long

life…to a peaceful retirement…and a natural, decrepit death…!

Or, in other words…what the average religious believer expects to experience…!

The only people advocating biblical rules as laws…are either ignoring…or are ignorant of…the vast majority of them…!



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In the same way that the Canadian Highway Cod…

In the same way that the
Canadian Highway Code

does not apply to Americans driving within America, the bible only applies to the bible believing religious.

Nonbelievers don’t consider that the bible was written or inspired by a god(s). There is just no proof to support this fabricated myth. Instead, it  was written by religious people, for religious people. And where it contravenes secular/civil laws, like killing those who work on the Sabbath, 
secular/civil laws

only apply. Even bible god/Jesus told his followers to obey the laws of the land…!

However, never let the religious forget that you will not entertain their religious myths…about heaven and hell…or tithing…unless they all first demonstrate that they obey their own religious rules….in full…!

Never let a 4x divorced and remarried religious hypocrite…who does not love their neighbors as themselves…try to tell you that you must obey any of their cherry-picked religious rules..!

Remind them they they must first obey the bible in full…! Read…

The 10 Commandments… desensitizes  children….

…It teaches children that reciting religious platitudes ad nauseam*…despite their religion not actively following them (making them meaningless)…is OK…

Commandment 3: “Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day.”

The Sabbath Day (Shabbat)
begins at sundown on Friday evening and lasts until sundown on
Saturday.  Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox Christians ignore the third Commandment…to distance and distinguish themselves from Jews (Christian antisemitism**)…which is deemed more important to them…than actually doing what their god commanded…


no other gods: from when they first prostituted themselves with murderous Roman Emperors…Christians have demonstrated that political power, social status and money/possessions…is their principal god…

no graven images: from statues of  Jesus’s hanging on crosses in churches…to crosses around necks…to statues of Marys and the Apostles….religion is awash with graven images…

taking the name of god in vain: including swearing on the bible, whether in court, or for public office…reciting “so help me god”!  is all against bible god’s instructions…“But I tell you, do not swear an oath at all…All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one

Jesus, bible god, Matt 5:34-17

not killing: kill the families of combatants…say the religious…

not committing adultery: the number one sport in the most religious regions…

honoring father and mother: unless you hate your father and your mother…for god…(says NT god)

not stealing: foreign policy, of the religious…

not bearing false witness against your neighbor: official policy of religious fundamentalists…

not coveting
neighbor’s house:
the actual basis of the prosperity gospel…

not coveting
neighbor’s wife:
divorce and remarriage is rife in churches…

not coveting

neighbor’s slaves, animals, or anything else:
the actual basis of the prosperity gospel…


** read in full the history of Christian antisemitism…

Has Boston Given Up On God?

Has Boston Given Up On God?:

“On a Sunday afternoon, humanist chaplain Greg
Epstein stands in front of about 90 people in an MIT auditorium. It’s an
eclectic group, with young kids and college students, thirty-something
parents and gray-hairs all attending because of a shared disbelief—no
one here has faith in God.

“People who don’t happen to believe in a god, or affiliate with a
traditional religion, still want to support one another in living out
our positive values.”

”Religion isn’t just fading from campus, though—all throughout the
city, faith is dying out. It’s a notion that once seemed unthinkable.
Not so long ago, religious institutions permeated city life, forming
communal centers for the pious and the profane alike; they simply were
the community. Increasingly, though, religion’s power is giving way to
the church of scientific inquiry. Religion’s importance in people’s
lives is on the decline across the country, but the Bay State is on the
trend’s leading edge, tied with New Hampshire for the official title of
least religious state, according to the Pew Research Center.
Massachusetts is tied for third in what statisticians call “religious
nones,” people who say they’re not affiliated with any religion, at 32
percent of residents. Compare that to the 33 percent who said religion
is “very important” in their lives. Or the 40 percent who told Pew in
2014 that they’re “absolutely certain” they believe in God—the lowest
among the 50 states. Or the scant 23 percent who attend a religious
service every week.The result of all of this is that Boston—the cradle of Puritanism in
Colonial America, known as the most Catholic city in the nation during
the 20th century—has become a secular town in the 21st. Many people,
young and old, are concluding that religion doesn’t fit their ethics or
their lives. They judge religion for the times it’s created conflict
rather than bridging divisions. They believe in equality for women and
LGBTQ people, and they won’t join patriarchal or anti-gay religions. New
belief systems now dominate the city: higher education’s critical
thinking, science’s demand for evidence, technology’s drive for results,
liberal politics’ notions of progress and social justice. Some of this
is a reaction to national politics—an expression of Boston’s sense of
itself as a besieged liberal bastion—but it’s also a rejection of the
Old Boston, the Irish-Catholic city on a hill.

“Prior to 2002,” …“the archbishop of Boston had a direct line to any Massachusetts
politician he wanted to talk to.” That time is long gone, says Margaret
Roylance, vice president of Voice of the Faithful, a group of lay
Catholics formed in 2002 to press for church reforms. “I don’t think the
church is the 800-pound gorilla that it was. Politicians are not afraid
to support something the church opposes…”

There was a time, of course, when religion and the church taught
Bostonians morals and how to treat one another. Scripture, from the
Bible to the Koran, provided foundational guidelines for humanity and
social justice, not to mention the basis for the Golden Rule. Church
leaders also taught us the value of hard work and kept us in line. Not
so much anymore. “Catholic church leaders used to have a kind of moral
force in Massachusetts,” says Stephen Prothero, a professor of religion
at Boston University. Big civic debates in Boston, such as whether to
host the Olympics, would have included the Catholic leadership’s
opinions. Now they don’t.

“In the olden days, you’d always go to
Catholic leadership,” Prothero says. “Nowadays, I just don’t see why you
would. They used to matter. I just don’t think they matter anymore. I
think the moral capital has been spent.”

Even many Catholics who’ve stayed in the church don’t much care what
the leadership thinks anymore. “Catholics, whether on the progressive or
conservative end of the scale, none of them really trust the bishops to
do the right thing,” Roylance says. The sex-abuse cover-up “made us
look at them differently…”

The sex-abuse scandal may have hurt all churches in Boston, not just
Catholic ones, says Stephen Kendrick, senior minister at First Church
Boston, a Unitarian Universalist congregation. He recalls talking about
Catholic clergy sex abuse in one of his first services after taking over
First Church in 2001. “I said it’s going to affect us, because it makes
a whole generation of people feel distrustful of authority and
particularly religious authority,” he says. “I think that’s a particular
challenge in Boston. That is a wound that is not healed. And it affects
every religious institution in this city.”

As shattering as the sex-abuse scandal has been, it’s hardly the only
reason people are leaving Catholicism—in one national survey, only 32
percent of former Catholics named the scandal as one of the reasons they
left. In fact, among the religiously unaffiliated in general, 60
percent said they left their childhood faith because they simply stopped
believing in the religion’s teachings.

Friday night comes as a
time to relax instead of attend Shabbat services, and Sunday brunch
beckons the family instead of a 9 a.m. service. In other words, Kendrick
says, “What happened to the Catholic Church in the last 20 years didn’t
just happen to the Catholic Church.”

They’ve seen the surveys that show the number of religious
nones exploding and the number of professed Catholics declining. “The
power of the Catholic Church to move a civic agenda or political agenda
is much reduced…”