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Nones be warned…

Nones be warned…

Religious sects that seek to control/hijack a political party…or interfere in public governance…do not respect religious freedoms for all…or freedom from religious interference…for all those who desire that right…

Every moral and prudent person…religious or not…should oppose them at every election…at every level…

They enter politics…to seek an advantage for their religious sect…over all others…and especially over those with no religious affiliation…

2018 Report…State of the Secular States…

2018 Report…State of the Secular States…:

“We  are  pleased…to  announce  our  inaugural  State  of  the  Secular  States  report  for  2018,  a  comprehensive  evaluation  of  statewide  laws  and  policies  affecting  the  separation  of  religion  and  government  in  each  state  as  well  as  the  District  of  Columbia.

This  report  examines  both  positive  and  negative  state  laws  and  policies  in  four  broad  areas—state  constitutional  protections,  schools  and  youth,  health  care  and  wellness,  and  special  privileges for religion—assessing over 30 related law and policy measures. ..

The State of the Secular States report will be a powerful tool for advocates and for lawmakers. It will allow us to set benchmarks regarding the current status of

religious equality in each state, to better understand those  provisions  already  in  the  law  which  compromise the separation of religion and government, and to set goals for advocacy to protect religious liberty for everyone.

We hope this report raises awareness about how state law impacts religious equality and helps foster a broader understanding of the types of state laws and policies which should concern atheists and secularists…”


Full report…

What steps would it take…to turn a racist……

What steps would it take…to turn a racist…into someone who can empathize with the common humanity…in “others”…:

Peoples actions and views…are based on the stories we adopt, and tell ourselves… Fundamental change…requires relinquishing…fundamentalist/religious/racist* stories…and swapping them with a humanistic outlook…

“Phil, a Florida born father of two, claims he is not racist but openly admits the U.S has an “immigration problem”…He also admits he has always been “more biased towards white people…

and his team have constructed a scenario in which Phil is faced with
the decision to risk his life to save an illegal immigrant from a gang
of bikers….”

Watch the promo/read the reviews…on and

* also religious/misogynistic stories…

via skeptical_af07

via skeptical_af07

Two men confront their former priest…who the…

Two men confront their former priest…who they say abused them as children…:

“…he’s admitted to abusing 5 other children…possibly 12…he’s never been charged…the statute of limitations has run out on all of them…“

“The part that I cannot forgive is the coverup…I tried to kill myself over this, when I was 24…Is this something you would have confessed, in the confessional…Yes I have, certainly…Do you think that god has forgiven you?…Yeah, from what I understand god’s forgiveness to be….I can’t …I have to carry this the rest of my life…”


Myths and religious fantasy tales…can make the religious…guilty of heinous crimes…sweep everything under the carpet,,,in their minds…

Which is why we need secular laws to curtail religious ambivalence…with the power to provide victims with a sense of justice…and closure…and a reckoning for their religious abusers…

Catholic priests in Germany molested ‘thousands of children’


There are no genuine religious “believers*”…or true religious institutions…with bank savings…

…and all those who seek the shelter of insurance…are really atheists**…!

*  “…take no thought (for tomorrow), saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, With what shall we be clothed? (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:)…Take therefore no thought for tomorrow
Jesus, bible god 

Matt 6:31-34

** atheists do not believe these religious fantasy claims…and neither do pretend believers…”you will know them by their actions…”  Jesus, bible god  Matt 7:16


There are no genuine religious “believers”…at the doctor’s office…

…and all those who shelter in fox holes…are atheists…!

Faith Healing Dad…Who Starved Daughter to De…

Faith Healing Dad…Who Starved Daughter to Death…Called Lawyer Before 911…:

“The dispatcher goes on to ask Welch what he is observing and he says the child isn’t breathing and there isn’t a heartbeat.

Then the dispatcher asks Welch how long ago he found Mary and he says “about an hour and a half. I called my lawyer…to ask what’s the best thing I can do, and they said wait until they’re here to call police…I was waiting on legal counsel.”

In the call, Welch says he put Mary to bed at 3 p.m. on the day
before and then first went to check on her at about 10 a.m. the next
day. The dispatcher asked again about the delay and then asked if Welch thought the child was beyond help when he found her.

“Oh yeah,” Welch told the dispatcher. “She was dead as a door nail.””

Religious fantasy belief…in reality…it is not benign…!

The only religious “believers”…that reach old age…are those who have learned to look both ways…before crossing the road…(and who actually rely on medical science…!)

The first challenge facing the newly instituti…

The first challenge facing the newly institutionalized religion…was to decide which forgeries to put into the bible’s New Testament…!:

“The Bible not only contains untruths of accidental mistakes. It also
contains what almost anyone today would call lies,” Ehrman writes in
“Forged: Writing in the Name of God – Why the Bible’s Authors Are Not
Who We Think They Are.”    

Written by Bart Ehrman, a former evangelical Christian and now agnostic
professor of religious studies at the University of North Carolina,
Chapel Hill, the book claims to unveil “one of the most unsettling
ironies of the early Christian tradition”: the use of deception to
promote (their beliefs)…!

According to the biblical scholar, at least 11 of the 27 New Testament
books are forgeries, while only seven of the 13 epistles attributed to
Paul were probably written by him.                 

Individuals claiming to be Paul wrote 1 and 2 Timothy, Titus, 2
Thessalonians, Ephesians and Colossians, he adds.                 

Contradictory views, discrepancies in the language and the choice of
words among the books attributed to Paul are all evidence of this
forgery, the author asserts.                 

Unlike Paul, Peter, a fisherman raised in rural Palestine, was most
certainly illiterate. So was the Apostle John, who could have not
written the Gospel bearing his name, says Ehrman. 

According to the scholar, the idea that “writing in the name of another”
was a common, accepted practice in antiquity is wrong. Forgery was
considered just as deceitful, inappropriate and wrong as it is today…”  

Pathetic Excuses…

Conceding that “some New Testament books probably
were not written by the people traditionally assigned as authors,” the
Catholic website remarks that Ehrman “barely mentions the concept of
oral tradition*.”                

“So even if a specific letter was not done by Peter
or Paul, it could well have been written by someone drawing from the
oral tradition passed down by one or the other…(!!)
,” according to the

But then again…there is no evidence that the oral tradition is not simply a convoluted pack of outright lies..exaggerations…and blatantly false fabrications…!

* See             

See also:

“The “Strange” Ending of the Gospel of Mark and Why It Makes All the Difference…(spoiler alert: Mark has no account of the virgin birth of Jesus–or for that
matter, any birth of Jesus at all. In fact, Joseph, husband of Mary, is
never named in Mark’s Gospel at all–and Jesus is called a “son of Mary,”…But even more significant is Mark’s strange ending. He has no appearances of Jesus following the visit of the women on Easter morning to the empty tomb…! “

And furtherthe Gospel writings do not claim to be written by a Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John. Their true authors are purposely nameless…!

via atheist_jane

via atheist_jane