Do you believe in magic (or higher science for…

Do you believe in magic (or higher science for lack of a better term) i.e. astral projection, telepathy, telekinesis and things of the sort? Heck, attaining immortality or something similar even? Not trying to sound condescending, just curious as to what you think about it because although I'm not in one secret societies seem to ascribe to trying to sell you these things.

hi there and thanks for your question 🙂

short answer:
no, i do not believe in any supernatural concepts.

long answer:
still no, but some things that have once been considered magic can now be explained by science. for example gods were invented to explain thunder and lightning. those gods died as soon as science came up with the correct explanation. there’s plenty of examples for phenomena that there is evidence for that they are real (we can hear thunder and see lightning) and can therefore be investigated by the scientific method: not once the correct explanation remained to be magic.

now, the supernatural concepts you mentioned have (to my knowledge) never come up with a single testable (and therefore falsifiable) shred of evidence but always remained in the land of belief / fantasy. sometimes believers of such concepts argue that “you can’t proof there is no telepathy”, which is a road to nowhere since you can’t proof a negative and thus you would need to believe in every unproven fantasy (”you can’t proof harry potter isn’t real”)

such supernatural concepts, even though not testable, usually contradict simple logic, are full of biases and fallacies and often just represent wishes (immortality, superpowers, etc.) or are derived from fears (monsters, zombies, etc).

phew, the answer has gotten longer than i wanted… but i hope i was able to shed some light on my standpoint. cheers