Why is (Australian Prime Minister) Scott Morri…

Why is (Australian Prime Minister) Scott Morrison…protecting Hillsong Pastor Brian Houston…?:

“In 2015, Brian Houston was censured by the Child Abuse Royal Commission for failing to report his father, Frank Houston, to police for the alleged sexual abuse of children in his church.

On Monday, three years after this censure, NSW Police confirmed that Brian Houston is being investigated by them after
complaints that he failed to report his father’s crimes, instead,
concealing them and urging church officials to refrain from publicly
revealing the allegations in the interests of the institution’s

In May 2018, Catholic Archbishop Philip Wilson was found guilty in an NSW court of concealing child sexual abuse.

Abuse survivor Peter Gogarty said after the verdict:

“I think this will now open the doors for other
jurisdictions to start looking at trying to prosecute people who
deliberately looked after their institution and, literally, threw
children to the wolves.”

It appears that Prime Ministerial mentor Brian Houston and the Hillsong Church may have “deliberately looked after their institution” and “thrown children to the wolves”. The current police inquiry will pursue this possibility.

The PM remains mute as his
mentor, Pentecostal Pastor Brian Houston, is investigated for covering
up child sexual abuse but demands Muslim leaders take responsibility for
their communities’ criminal behaviour, writes Dr Jennifer Wilson

The longevity, number and extent of crimes against children in
Christian communities far exceed crimes perpetrated by offenders from
Muslim communities against citizens in public spaces. Yet Morrison makes
no such demands for responsibility and accountability from his faith

In holding Muslim imams more responsible than he holds Christian
pastors and priests, Morrison is engaging in a profoundly dishonest and
deliberately misleading act that crudely privileges Christianity over
Islam. The truly horrific failings of his own faith leaders are ignored,
in favour of the political advantages he believes are to be gained from
demonising the Muslim community.

Further, not only is Morrison silent on the more general failure of
Christian communities to confront child sexual abuse, it is his mentor
that he is protecting. That kind of protection is very close to home —
far too close to home for a prime minister.

We have seen, repeatedly, the failure of Christian communities of all
persuasions to act on the horrific abuse of thousands upon thousands of
children in their care. I have never heard Prime Minister Scott
Morrison call for Christian leaders to monitor the behaviour of any
members or employees in an effort to prevent the molestation and rape of
children. If there was ever a topic on which a prime minister should
voice an opinion, it is the horrific epidemic of child sexual abuse
perpetrated by Christian churches, including his own. And yet, nothing.

It is alarming that in a secular state, the Prime Minister holds his
religion up to the community as a false and misleading example of
excellence, and as a tool of condemnation of other religions. Scott
Morrison’s faith has no place in the affairs of our state. He has no
mandate to provoke religious unrest.

Nobody likes a liar but a religious liar is, quite rightly, more despised than most…”


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