It is becoming safe…for adults to openly ack…

It is becoming safe…for adults to openly acknowledge…that they no longer believe in religious fairy-tales…!:

Which means…there is less chance for priests to sexually abuse young people…or that young people be indoctrinated with religious bigotries…or be financially fleeced for life   !

Religion offers “freedom”…but instills mental servitude to religious institutions…

“A British Social Attitudes survey revealed that 53 per cent of adults had no religious affiliation. The
study showed only 3 per cent of adults under 24 identify as Anglican
and 5 per cent identify as Catholic. The numbers continue to change when
looking at young people and religion.

Only 7 per cent of the participants said they attended religious services on at least a weekly basis.

UK pop singer Zayn Malik recently came
out stating he no longer identifies as a Muslim. In an interview with
British Vogue, Malik said: “I
don’t believe you need to eat a certain meat that’s been prayed over a
certain way, I don’t believe you need to read a prayer in a certain
language five times a day. I don’t believe any of it. I just believe if
you’re a good person everything is going to go right for you.”

The general public is also shifting their opinions on religion. An October 2017 report by Ipso found
that 62 per cent of under-65s in Britain thought religion did more harm
than good.
In the same study, fewer than a quarter of Britons felt that
religion defines them as a person.

The National Secular Society has been fighting to separate religion
and the state – particularly in schools. They have a “No More Faith
Schools” campaign. The organization claims on their website: “Faith
schools have a negative impact on social cohesion, foster segregation
of children on social, ethnic and religious lines, and undermine choice
and equality. They also enable religious groups to use public money to evangelize children.”

The aim of the campaign is to have a religiously inclusive education system that is free from religious control. Chris Sloggart, a spokesperson of The National Secular Society, told Voice of London:

“With Britons becoming less religious,
and more religiously diverse, the case for a secular state is growing
ever stronger
. The attitudes of the next generation of citizens and
parents are likely to be incongruous with the institutions of British
society as they find it. Politicians should realize this and reconsider
the establishment of the Church of England, the automatic right given to
26 bishops to sit in the House of Lords and the role of state-funded
faith schools.(!!)”

“We’re living in a society where
religion is first of kind of lame to other people’s perspective.
Everything is so secular or what not. We live in a free society
basically and people feel religion doesn’t allow us to be free.” “