Tumblr Censorship….

And the Censorship has begun

The post of today has already been flagged by some spineless troll that tumblr has given underserved, and unprecedented power to. They are too spineless to have an adult dialog regarding the meme that was posted. We don’t see anything positive coming out of tumblr’s new rules. Other than, “get used to being censored by a minority” that tumblr has given carte blanche to report any post they may feel offended by, or just to fuck with the the original poster. 

The complainant doesn’t have to justify their using the report button, they are not asked why they feel the post is offensive, they just click on the report button, giggle to themselves that they’ve fucked with someone’s freedom of speech, sit back and pick their nose.

This kind of anonymous reporting is evil. FY!RP is given no right to question the accuser, but it is up to FY!RP to jump through the hoops to regain control of what we’ve posted.

Finally we’d like to remind people that this type of anonymous reporting has a very horrible past. 1930′s Germany is one of the prime examples of people reporting the jew, the tradesman, gypsy, communist or neighbor anonymously. This kind of insanity MUST be resisted!