The US just elected 8 new scientists to Congre…

The US just elected 8 new scientists to Congress…here’s the full list…:

“The members of the 115th Congress include
one physicist, one microbiologist, and one chemist, as well as eight
engineers and one mathematician.

The medical professions are slightly
better represented, with three nurses and 15 doctors.

The Democratic
candidates who won all ran successful campaigns with the support of a
nonprofit political-action committee called 314 Action, which started in
2016 and is dedicated to recruiting, training, and funding scientists
and healthcare workers who want to run for political office.

“Scientists are essentially problem-solvers,” Shaughnessy Naughton,
the president of 314 Action, told Business Insider before the election
results came in.Since Congress often wrestles with complex issues like climate
change, cybersecurity, and how to provide fairer, cheaper healthcare,
Naughton said she thought the US should put more scientists into the
decision-making body.“Who better to be tackling these issues than scientists?” she said…”

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