Megan Hunt, a Progressive Atheist, Just Won a …

Megan Hunt, a Progressive Atheist, Just Won a Seat in Nebraska’s Legislature…:

“she’ll be joining Ernie Chambers,
the legendary longtime Nebraska state senator, as one of the highest
ranking elected atheists in the country. (While there’s one openly
non-religious member of Congress, he doesn’t use the word “atheist.”)…

Sen-elect Hunt issued this statement to me this afternoon:

“I respect the right of every person to subscribe to any faith or belief, because I know that what matters is your actions and your values, not your religious affiliation.
Voters everywhere are frustrated by hypocrisy in leadership, and I
think that the tendency of lawmakers to stand behind their faith (or
their political party) as a substitute for growing a spine and having
moral courage is a big part of that frustration. All people have the
right to live with dignity and to be treated equally under the law. I
look forward to joining a team of lawmakers in the Unicameral to work
toward that goal and help improve economic sustainability, quality of
life, and civil rights here in Nebraska. ..

Senator Chambers is a living legend, and Nebraska needs more
outspoken public servants like him who refuse to serve a system built
from the inheritances of racism and social injustice. Nebraskans are lucky to have been influenced by his leadership.