The Moral Bankruptcy of the Evangelical Moveme…

The Moral Bankruptcy of the Evangelical Movement is TOTAL…:

“According to Jerry Falwell Jr., evangelicals have “found their dream
president,” in Trump. That says something about the current quality of
evangelical “dreams” not to mention character and beliefs. In covering for and enabling Trump, evangelical leaders including
Dobson, Falwell, Graham, Jeffress, Metaxas, Perkins and Ralph Reed are
doing to decency what Hugh Hefner did to modesty 50 years ago.

Evangelical “morals” look more like Hugh Hefner’s late great Hefner
Mansion parties than church these days. Trump’s white evangelicals have
made a national joke of moral standards that were once, theoretically,
deeply held. White evangelical Trump-enablers are just another tribal
group among many fighting for power at the expense of others. This is
not a religious movement any longer but a coup against even the idea of
transcendent meaning.

As Michael Gerson points out in “The Last Temptation”
in the Atlantic (I’m borrowing from it heavily in this blog) white
evangelicals “depict themselves as a mistreated minority,” in need of a
defender who is a thug capable of deconstructing democracy so the godly
persecuted true-believers can rule us all. Trump is thus an American
Mullah, not a president.

White evangelicals are the most loyal element of the Trump coalition.
They act as his shield. White evangelicals are Trump’s army of
enablers. They are the enemies of American democracy and have become an
apocalyptic cult running on the high octane of victimhood, fear and

Trump’s legitimization of cruelty, prejudice, falsehood, and
corruption is what religious people used to say they opposed. No more.
America’s white evangelicals are the enablers of Trump’s demeaning of
all our most cherished values Christian or otherwise.

Americans never insist on perfect virtue from our presidents. But
there are values that are indispensable in order to lend authority to
power: empathy, honesty, integrity, and self-restraint. In trashing
those, Trump, the Republicans and their evangelical enablers have
shriveled the presidency for a generation.

Here’s the strangest unthinkable question of the last 20 years: how
did so many white evangelical Trump supporters lose their interest in
decency virtually overnight? Put it this way: Dear white evangelical
Trump supporters: For this man? For his cause? For Trump you sold your country and your soul?

Trump’s done more than make fools of evangelicals, he’s made them
into traitors to themselves, to their heritage and to their country.
Every white evangelical Trump supporter has decided that racism, abuse
of women, lying, self-dealing and collusion with an enemy is not any
longer a moral disqualification in the president of the United States.

They have even betrayed their stated number one moral litmus test:
Evangelical Trump-enabling leaders have been turning a blind eye to
Trump’s exploitation of women in a way that does not help in making
pro-life arguments. It materially undermines the pro-life movement in
ways unthinkable even a year ago.

Dobson, Falwell, Graham, Jeffress, Metaxas, Perkins, and Ralph Reed
are Trump’s enablers. They have basked in access to power and these
religious leaders defend profanity, ridicule, and cruelty as hallmarks
of authenticity and dismiss decency as the dead idiocy of liberals.

Blinded by hatred for their political opponents, Falwell, Graham and
the other Trumped evangelical leaders can’t see they’ve undermined the
causes to which they once dedicated their lives. Like the German
churches after WWII, evangelicals will spend the next 50 years trying to
make amends.

Mark 2018 as the year white evangelicals became a secular nationalist
white cult with Trump as the head of this new “denomination.”  The moral
convictions of white evangelical leaders have become a function of
their partisan identification only.

Evangelicals had a rich history that included abolitionists and
social reformers to inspire them. Every time they cover for — and enable
— Trump, evangelicals not only deny Jesus but the best of their own
history. When white evangelical leaders can explain what Trump’s
cruelty, abuse and mockery of human decency have to do with the Sermon
on the Mount- I’m ready to listen…”

Further…”The Republican Party officially filed for moral bankruptcy on Tuesday
morning, a move that many in the nation considered long overdue.In
filing for moral bankruptcy, the Republicans will formally attest that
they have no morals, standards, or ethics on their balance sheet…
“The bankruptcy of the Republican Party will be presided over by Donald Trump, and no one has more experience in this area”…”