I assume that you are atheist and I don’…

I assume that you are atheist and I don’t know anything about your spiritual journey. But due to the fact that you have an entire tumblr account dedicated to “curing delusions” I can only assume that there’s a lot of emotions that you need to work out. If you are angry at God or ppl you know that believe in him, I hope that you heal this anger. And if you wish to, I hope you have the courage to go back to him. if this happens I hope you’re rewarded for it. Thanks for listening. Have a good day!

you assume correctly, i am an atheist 😉 but no, i am in total balance with my emotions and a really happy person. i am just against hateful ideologies that oppress and persecute others that do not think alike.

not sure what your concern is. maybe that i burn in hell if i do not base my whole life on a deity that there is no evidence for?

and to which god do you want me “to go back” (i was born atheist like you but remained it since)? now, since you refer to “god” in singular i assume you chose to believe in a monotheism. what if you have chosen the wrong god of about 4000 gods?

ever noticed how most religions have thought up drastic punishments if you do not follow their god? have you taken the burden to read through all religious scriptures to find out which god is the right one or did you just conveniently take on the belief of the culture you were raised in?

i mean you base your whole life on this, so it better be a well elaborated decision. imagine e.g. a person believes in the christian god and never even read through the bible! now that would be crazy, right?