Hi, I was on the #prayer tag and I saw one of …

Hi, I was on the #prayer tag and I saw one of the things you posted and I was hoping that you were willing to have a conversation albeit one sided about it? First I want to tell you that I’m in the middle of recovering from a deep spiritual crisis at the moment. It’s been recommended to me by my therapist that I pray as there’s been research to suggest that it helps and it has helped me a lot. Research also suggests that prayer for others is helpful too although no one can exactly explain why.

without knowing
what your “deep spiritual crisis” actually was, but for me it pretty much
sounds that you were back on the right track, probably questioning things of
your belief that just don’t make sense. you were about to reactivate critical
thinking, giving logic and reason a chance again…?

really sad
to hear you got a “therapist” (who most probably and miraculously has the same
belief system) that drags you back down in the swamp. but that’s how religious memes unfortunately
work; if anyone tries to get out of line, corrective action is immediately administered.

why don’t
you tell your “therapist”, just to test him, that you started praying to satan
and see how he reacts? or zeus? or huitzilopochtli, the aztec god of sun and
war? after all, if prayer really has some effect it should work with all gods,