Sacha Baron Cohen Convinces GOP Congressmen to…

Sacha Baron Cohen Convinces GOP Congressmen to Arm Toddlers…in ‘Who Is America?’…:

“the comedic genius behind the characters Ali G, Borat and Brüno has
spent the better part of the Trump presidency traveling around the
country, surreptitiously interviewing figures like former Vice President Dick Cheney, former vice presidential wannabe Sarah Palin, accused pedophile Roy Moore, and many more names still to emerge for what they apparently thought was some sort of legitimate political documentary with the working title Age of Reason.

He’s taken advantage of a media environment in which partisan figures
are willing and eager to engage with those on the other end of the
political spectrum regardless of how bizarre or outlandish they seem…”

Watch in despair at the appallingly low caliber of some politicians…