New study, published in Personality and Indivi…

New study, published in Personality and Individual Differences, suggests that “conservative syndrome” is associated with lower intelligence…and religiosity is only a part of it…:

It brings me no joy* to advise that…”There exists a cluster of psychological traits and attitudes that have been described as the “conservative syndrome.”…“syndrome” denotes that a number of traits and dispositions associated
with conservatism are correlated with each other.

“There have been quite a few studies, including those recently published in the journal Intelligence,
that have reported a negative correlation between IQ and religiosity,”
said study author Lazar Stankov, an emeritus professor of psychology at
the University of Sydney.

“Much of our own cross-cultural work and
studies of militant extremist mindset (MEM) have shown that religiosity
is best understood as an aspect of social conservatism. However, expert
in intelligence tend to view religiosity in isolation rather than in
its broader context. My aim was to point out that social conservatives,
not just religious people, tend to score somewhat lower on measures of

For their study, the researchers analyzed data from
8,883 participants from 33 different countries. Fluid intelligence was
assessed using a number series test, which requires participants to find
the missing number in a sequence. In line with previous research,
they found that people who scored lower on the intelligence test were
more likely to be religious.

The researchers also found that endorsement
of traditional values, the belief that power should be concentrated at
higher levels of a government and conservative political beliefs
moderated the link between lower intelligence and religiousness.

should understand that social conservatives, including very religious
people, tend to be more restricted in their views of the world,” Stankov
told PsyPost. “Because of their lower IQ they are more close-minded and
afraid of change*.
They also tend to be more nasty towards those who do
not belong to their own group.

exist meta-analytic studies that report negative correlations between
cognitive abilities and both conservatism and religiosity, and I believe
that the link is well documented in the literature,” Stankov said.

The study, “Conservative Syndrome and the understanding of negative correlations between religiosity and cognitive abilities“, was authored by Lazar Stankov and Jihyun Lee…”

* its like knowing that termites are eating their way through your foundation timbers…or that dry rot is destroying your home’s framing…The religious conservative effect is like society trying to drive towards a fairer, more equal society…with the hand brake on…as conservatives try jamming the car into reverse…!

Conservative will always complain that they want to retain their unfair advantage over others…and their right to oppress minorities and the more vulnerable parts of society…

The parasite says to the host…why are you attacking me? (Pay taxes to society on your scam business profits, leach!)

The cancerous cells says to the white blood cells…you’re ostracizing me…! (Have you even read your hateful bible…!? You’ve published and hallowed your plan of oppression and destruction…!)

By voting and standing for all elections…disenfranchised people (women/minorities) can grasp  power back…out of “their cold (corrupt), (morally) dead hands”…