After the bible god got completely flummoxed w…

After the bible god got completely flummoxed with a disease that caused scabs and crusts on the skin and left white patches
(similar to vitiligo) on the skin, turned hair white and caused bald
spots…which bible interpreters called “leprosy” (Lev 13-14)…he gave up on trying to cure/treat any diseases at all…

“In Jewish tradition, a leper was considered smitten by God…This is explained in an article by five Jewish
authors at the website, including Rabbi Emil
Hirsch, professor of rabbinical literature and philosophy at the
University of Chicago.“There is much reason to believe that the segregation of lepers was
regarded,” they explained, “… more in the light of a religious
ceremonial than as a hygienic restriction. Tzara’at was looked
upon as a disease inflicted by God upon those who transgressed his laws,
a divine visitation for evil thoughts and evil deeds…”

So secular science, once more, came to the rescue…see