Religious Extortion…Hollowed Be Thy Name…

televangelist Paula White is urging her followers to donate a …offering of up to their entire salary for the month of January…to enjoy “blessings” for the rest of the year…or suffer the
“consequences” of failing to follow God’s command…”

“White explains that it’s important to donate money to her at the start
of every new year…because it helps you get off on the right foot with
the Lord…”

“The art of religious extortion focuses on the skills and abilities
developed overtime by Pastors, Bishops, Apostles and other types of
ministers in order to make the members of their congregation give to the
‘work of the kingdom’.  This is usually done through manipulation,
intimidation and domination.

In Mark 12:40….Some
of the religious leaders in the (early) days of (the church) …took advantage of unsuspecting and lonely widows to seek and receive
offerings from them. By manipulation, these
leaders persuaded the widows to give more than they could afford, while
they lived in luxury on these misguided offerings.  This same pattern
has occurred throughout the church history till date.  Each age has its
own experts in the art of religious extortion.

The art of
religious extortion in our days can be traced to the emergence of the
‘faith is everything gospel’, also known as the ‘believe it (and) you’ll have
it gospel’….Their own faith is
synonymous with wealth acquisition and empire building…These ministers teach their members to give more in
order to receive more ‘blessing’.

It is wrong for any
minister to tell his members to give $100 in order to receive $1,000
from God.  Neither is it right and scriptural to teach your members to
give tithes as an upfront for an unearned income.  These are nothing but extortion.

Do not allow any pastor to hoodwink you by making you believe
that the more you give, the more money you get from God.  

I observed
that many ministers now teach their members to give all they earned in
the first month of the year, first salaries from new jobs or first
increments in salaries/allowances received as first fruits.  It is all religious extortion.

are told to give offerings, pay tithes, redeem pledges etc with your
debit and/or credit cards.  …‘have you forgotten that the
money in your credit cards is borrowed money, even the overdrafts in
your debit cards are borrowed money from your banks that you will have
to pay back with interest?’  Do you then wonder why you struggle with
your finances, while your pastors smile to the bank every Monday
morning?  It is very sad and pathetic.

Have we not seen those
who sell Ribena (blackcurrant-based

juice), olive oil, handkerchiefs etc to their members and tell
them that such will attract God’s favor, protect them from their
enemies and cure all manner of diseases and sicknesses, including
HIV-AIDS?…the list is endless.

…it is very easy to detect these extortionists who
call themselves ministers….Do not make
yourself a prey of these tricksters…”