A Modern Zen Master on Amida Buddha

These are some beautiful words on Amida Buddha from the modern Rinzai master, Shodo Harada:

Shinran said that “Amida Buddha’s greatest vow is for saving all beings, and that great vow has been made for me, for me Amida Buddha made that vow. Amida is for all beings liberation but I am receiving that great joy.” Because each person does not feel this, we do not realize this mind’s origin.

If we touch that mind, everyone will feel that joy. The sun’s light, the moons radiance, the flowers blooming, the song of the bird, the work of all people in society. I receive everything. The heavens and earth are supporting me and all of humankind for me to be alive. This whole world revolves for this. 

I am so thankful, we have to see it as it is, or else we mistakenly think that we are alive according to our own power, while it is all beings who support us and to whom we should be thankful. We will then not be pulled around by our noisy thoughts but see clearly how all beings, all of nature, are supporting us, and then our life becomes truly abundant…

Our wisdom shines round and bright and it is not that we have to do something to become complete. We already have received all potential and all grace, be joyful at this life we have been given, and know the joy of receiving the all embracing mind

We can live life from that wisdom which is no different from that of the Buddha. In this way Hakuin says it, “As the eternal tranquility of Truth reveals itself to us, this very place is the Land of Lotuses and this very body is the body of the Buddha.”