Atheism and Philosophy: A Collection of Resour…

Atheism and Philosophy: A Collection of Resources…:

“This collection of resources aims to make learning about the
philosophical arguments for atheism as easy as possible by allowing each
individual to choose the educational resources that are the difficulty,
length, and format they like the most. The podcasts, videos, and short
articles below are all aimed at complete beginners while the
encyclopedia entries are more in-depth, academic, and informative…“



Here are the best books on atheism in no particular order:

This list was created by crowd-sourcing required readings from
university course syllabi as well as other recommendations from around
the web…

Atheism: A Very Short Introduction

without religious belief can be positive, meaningful, and moral.

Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon

Ranging through biology, history, and
psychology, Daniel C. Dennett charts religion’s evolution from “wild”
folk belief to “domesticated” dogma.

Atheism: A Philosophical Justification

logical reasons for being an atheist.

The Impossibility of God

…a growing number of scholars have been formulating and
developing a series of increasingly powerful arguments that the concept
of God, as variously understood by the world’s major religions and
leading theologians, is contradictory in many ways, and therefore God
does not and cannot exist.

The Oxford Handbook of Atheism

Bringing together an international team of established and
emerging scholars, it probes the varied manifestations and implications
of unbelief from an array of disciplinary perspectives (philosophy,
history, sociology, anthropology, demography, psychology, natural
sciences, gender and sexuality studies, literary criticism, film
studies, musicology) and in a range of global contexts (Western Europe,
North America, post-communist Europe, the Islamic world, Japan, India).

Western Atheism: A Short History

…discusses atheism both as a reaction to
belief and as a separate and consistent form of belief in a world
stripped of the divine, where reason, science, and humankind’s endless
search for knowledge flourish.

Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion

Hume’s brilliant and dispassionate essay Of Miracles has been added in this expanded edition”