85 countries ‘severely discriminate’ against t…

85 countries ‘severely discriminate’ against the non-religious, 2017 Freedom of Thought Report finds…:

“This past year has seen
humanists murdered by mobs in Pakistan, the Maldives, and India. In
Pakistan, multiple humanists have been sentenced to death for blasphemy,
and a number of bloggers were ‘forcibly disappeared’ by the state. In
Saudi Arabia, a man was sentenced to death ‘for atheism’ over a Facebook
post, while others remain on death row. In Malaysia, the Government has
been ‘hunting down’ atheists, after a photo of a gathering gained
publicity. More generally, thirteen countries have laws on the statute
books punishing apostasy or blasphemy with death.The
report is also published during a time of growing threats to liberal
democracy, as a global ‘strong-man’ culture sees individuals like
Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Rodrigo Duterte, Narendra Modi, and Recep
Tayyip Erdogan.

‘We call on the international
community to stop placating states which criminalize being a humanist or
otherwise non-religious, to condemn the persecution of humanists and
atheists, and to work with human rights defenders around the world to
bring an end to this injustice.’

UK recently urged the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to prioritize
freedom of religion and belief, particularly tackling blasphemy laws,
around the globe.”