Born Again Christians Continue Declining…

Born Again Christians Continue Declining…:

“The poll noted that 33 percent of the 65+ age group category and 37
percent of the 50 to 64 group are born again, compared to 31 percent of
those in their 30s and 40s, and only 23 percent of adults under 30.

older Americans pass away, the population proportion of younger adults
will increase, continuing to drive down the born again proportion in the
years to come,” the survey argued.

“Children and teenagers are exhibiting a lower likelihood of becoming
born again…”

…two out of every three individuals who become born again
do so before the age of 18.

“…adults are about equally likely to believe that eternal
salvation can be earned through personal goodness or good deeds (25
percent)…” they explained.

percent of Christians now do not identify as Protestant or Catholic,
which was “virtually unheard of a quarter-century ago.”

“Deep down, they believe there are multiple
ways to God…”