“In 2 months, 39 religious leaders have been arrested. Nearly…

“In 2 months, 39 religious leaders have been arrested. Nearly half were sex crimes with minors. One was arrested for the kidnapping & ritual murder of a virgin, one for transmitting STD’s…a priest was locked up for pimping and another was picked up for child porn…

1 Pastor arrested in connection with prostitution.

2 Pastor arrested for child sex assault.

3 Pastor arrested for embezzling church funds.

4 Pastor arrested for indecent liberties with and exploitation of a child.

5 Pastor arrested after “fetish items” and human remains found in shallow grave at church.

6 Pastor arrested for DUI.

7 Pastor arrested for murder.

8 Pastor arrested in sex trafficking operation.

9 Youth pastor arrested for child molestation.

10 Pastor arrested for having sex with and impregnating a 12 year old girl.

11 Pastor arrested for raping 13 year old twin sisters.

12 Pastor/Prophet arrested for raping 4 girls.

13 Pastor arrested for sexually assaulting three young girls.

14 Pastor arrested in prostitution sting.

15 Pastor arrested for raping underage girls.

16 Youth pastor charged with lewd and lascivious acts.

17 Pastor arrested for domestic battery.

18 Pastor arrested for kidnapping and murdering a virgin for a ritual.

19 Pastor arrested for six counts of sexual assault, some including children.

20 Pastor arrested for 16 counts of lewd and lascivious acts with one minor victim.  

21 Youth pastor arrested for indecent behavior with a juvenile.

22 Youth pastor arrested for attempted sodomy, child molestation.

23 Pastor arrested for knowingly transmitting sexually transmitted diseases.

24 Youth pastor arrested for child solicitation.

25 Priest arrested for sex abuse.

26 Priest arrested on suspicion of killing a teenager.

27 Priest arrested for indecent liberties with a girl.

28 Priest arrested en route to motel with a 13 year old.

29 Priest arrested over alleged sex abuse.

30 Priest arrested for working as a part-time PIMP after cops found him wearing his holy robes inside a brothel during a raid.

31 Priest arrested for indecent liberties with a minor.

32 Priest arrested for child sex charges.

33 Priest arrested for child porn.

34 Priest arrested in Florida road rage incident after pulling out gun.

35  Priest arrested for abusing minors.

36 Imam arrested after calling for non strict Muslims to be murdered.

37 Rabbi arrested in high school student sex assault case.

38 Christian priest arrested for sexually assaulting 2 minor boys.

39 Youth minister arrested in human trafficking operation. “

…by relevantlife