Real-talk anon here, Firstly thanks for the civil response, it’s valid and actually quite true in some points. However, I feel that laying the blame at the feet of religion in a general sense isn’t completely fair. Most of what you mentioned in terms of the malignant, aren’t so much religious tenants as people taking advantage of power gained through the faith of others. These sad sacks of human by-product are more to blame then the institutions themselves. Short reply box but it’s worth noting.

you’re welcome. i agree that religion is often used by manipulators (usually believers themselves) to gain control over gullible minds, but i beg to differ when it comes to blaming an ideology and its institutions:

you see, the major religions are based on scripture that explicitly states to kill gays, disobedient children, non-virgin brides, people who work on sundays, unbelievers, apostates and an endless list of other atrocities. since the word of god is infallible and eternal, it is impossible to get rid of these hateful verses because that would be to admit that the god they worship lied or failed, and the whole ideology collapses in itself.

therefore the institutions in charge, like the vatican or non-secular governments in islamic states are putting a lot of energy in negating scientific facts like evolution or even the earth being a sphere and slowing down scientific progress, rather than protecting children from pedophile priests or child marriage.

when believers start to think critically and start to question scripture, it is possible to at least weaken the amplifying effect of the tool called scripture