Ok so real talk? What’s wrong with letting people believe what they want? Some people need a construct to attach their beliefs to in order to feel validated and it’s often just a matter of mental fortitude. We can’t all be (overly) self-confident atheists content in our universal insignificance. Some people just wanna feel like they matter jfc.

thanks for your very valid question, i like real talk. here’s my view on it:

the answer might surprise you: there is absolutely nothing wrong with letting people believe what they want. anyone is free to plunge into a world of fairy tales in contradiction to scientific facts and delude him/herself… as long as they keep their insanity inside their heads and do not try to indoctrinate, molest, discriminate, harm, rape or kill anyone or demand specials rights based on their beliefs.

also, if you go public with a totally ridiculous claim (not necessarily a religious belief), don’t expect others to take you seriously. that’s really common sense. and should your claim be a harmful belief, it deserves no respect but needs to be called out as the hateful bigotry that it is.

hope the answer is not too harsh, but you wanted real talk