Meat in U.S. Public Schools is Unfit for Human Consumption

The meat from spent egg-laying hens is routinely fed to our school children, despite being rejected by fast food restaurants as unfit for human consumption. 

Now I understand why many parents send their kids to school with a packed lunch:

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) oversees the school lunch program countrywide.  Although there are strict guidelines in place, a significant percentage of the millions of pounds of meat consumed by children in the school cafeteria continually fail to meet quality standards imposed by fast-food outlets.

No parent would feed their child meat only fit for pet food or compost, yet meat from “old birds” is exactly what children are being served at school, as found by USA Today’s investigation.  Even KFC and the Campbell Soup Company refuse to buy such meat because of quality considerations, and these corporations stopped doing so more than a decade ago – yet our children are eating this very type of questionable quality meat…

Not only are school children being served meat unfit for even a McDonalds’ burger, but they are also at risk of ingesting harmful bacteria and pathogens hidden within the food. Some reports suggest that fast-food restaurants actually check for bacteria and pathogens between five and ten times more often than school lunch meats. An independent investigation conducted by USA Today concluded that out of 150,000 tests on school beef, most did, in fact, satisfy the criteria imposed by other large beef buyers. Alarmingly, however, there were cases where the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS), which purchases meat for schools, bought meats with pathogen and E. coli levels which even exceeded acceptable levels for fast-food outlets!

Pathogens and bacteria housed in school cafeteria food are thought to be responsible for many stomach virus outbreaks nationwide…