Having religion doesn’t make someone a bad person. A lot of good people believe in some kind of higher power. Whether or not you agree with that, it’s not your place to tell them they’re wrong. It’s just disrespectful. A productive line of action would be to point out the prejudice of religious people, and work on eradicating the prejudice instead of the religion. If you think what they believe is illogical that’s fine, just don’t be a jerk about it.

persons are entitled to respect, books and beliefs aren’t. a person has the right to hold a belief but not the right to have it respected. in fact, to respect a person’s ridiculous belief would be harmful to the respect i have for that person as an intelligent human being. you can’t have both.

ridiculous beliefs deserve ridicule, i give religion just as much respect as it gives me; this is not a complicated concept. religion condemns me as an inadequate human being and wants to send me to an imaginary place called hell. in some countries i am facing death penalty by law just for being an atheist.

if religion would keep its big mouth shut, so would i. as long as this is not the case, it is my duty to question, to challenge, to mock and to condemn harmful beliefs and treat them with utter disrespect.