The Pure Land is the Pure Mind

Zen masters throughout history, especially in China and Vietnam, have recommended reciting the name of Amida Buddha, NAMU-AMIDA-BUTSU, as a meditation device, with the understanding of Amida as our true nature, and the Pure Land as the pure mind.

This is from the Platform Sutra:

While ignorant men recite the name of Amitabha and pray to be born in the Pure Land, the enlightened purify their mind, for, as the Buddha said, ‘When the mind is pure, the Buddha Land is simultaneously pure…

If we can realize the Essence of Mind at all times and behave in a straightforward manner on all occasions, in the twinkling of an eye we may reach the Pure Land and there see Amitabha.

This is from the Sutra on the Contemplation of Buddha Amitayus:

Then the World-Honored One said: Now do you not know, Vaidehi, that Buddha Amitayus is not very far from here?…

Every Buddha Tathagata is one whose spiritual body is the principle of Dharma-nature, so that he may enter into the mind of any beings. Consequently, when you have visualized Buddha, it is indeed that mind of yours that possesses those thirty-two signs of perfection and eighty minor marks of excellence which you see in a Buddha.

In conclusion, it is your mind that becomes Buddha, nay, it is your mind that is indeed Buddha. The ocean of true and universal knowledge of all the Buddhas derives its source from one’s own mind and thought.

This is from the Surangama Sutra:

It is the same with those who practice concentration on the name of Amitabha – they develop within their minds Amitabha’s spirit of compassion toward all sentient life…

…just as one associating with the maker of perfumes becomes permeated with the same perfumes, so he will become perfumed by Amitabha’s compassion, and will become enlightened without any other expedient means.

Blessed Lord! My devotion to reciting the name of Amitabha had no other purpose than to return to my original nature of purity (Buddha-nature) and by it I attained to the state of non-rebirth perseverance (enlightenment).