Feminism anon- thank you for answering, the reblog I was referring to was one about I think one woman in particular (I look at soooo many atheist blogs everyday, I don’t remember the post perfectly) who was defending Islam, and stuff was said about the fact she was a feminist. While I was fairly certain it was only referring to extremely radical feminists/this particular feminist, I was just figuring out your view. Bleh, bad with words, hope you know what I mean tho. Love your blog dude

hey there, thanks for writing again.

i liked your question. did not give a lot of thought about feminism until then. i guess my view is independent of the specific label of a group/minority/majority: as long as one does not claim special rights, discrimate or even harm other people, i am perfectly fine with it. extremist views of any group quite often are harmful…

thanks for the compliment, i’ll keep my blog going, promise

ps: you can never look at too many atheist blogs… 😉