What is a Boatman Bodhisattva?

A boatman aims to arrive on the other shore at the same time as all of his passengers. Likewise, the wish to achieve Buddhahood for oneself and all beings simultaneously is known as the boatman’s way of generating bodhicitta. 

This is the wish: “May I liberate (both) myself and all sentient beings from suffering and obtain the level of perfect enlightenment.”

Ferryman-like Bodhicitta (Tib.: mnyan pa lta bu’i sems bskyed) refers
to actual Bodhicitta that is the result of the wish to attain
enlightenment simultaneously with all sentient beings…

Based on that wish
they generate Bodhicitta, i.e. the special mental main mind which is
the entry-way to the Mahayana path and is concomitant with its
assistant aspiration that focuses on complete enlightenment for the
benefit of others. 

This type of Bodhicitta is called ‘ferryman-like
Bodhicitta’ because it is Bodhicitta that is induced by a wish the
object of which is comparable to the action of a ferryman who
reaches the other shore simultaneously with the passengers on his