How to Attain Buddhahood

To become a Buddha, one has to cultivate the Bodhisattva path.
The main practices for the Bodhisattva path are the six perfections and
the three sets of precepts: 

The Six Perfections

1. Giving: to give money, Dharma, and fearlessness 

2. Keeping the precepts: to do no evil and to do all good 

3. Patience: to endure and tolerate that which is difficult to endure,
and to do that which is difficult to do 

4. Diligence: to go forward bravely, undaunted by obstacles 

5. Meditative concentration: to fix the mind unwaveringly on one

6. Wisdom: to have limpid, shining insight into oneself and others.

The Three Sets of Precepts

1. To uphold all the pure precepts, without exception 

2. To cultivate all good qualities, without exception 

3. To deliver all sentient beings, without exception

By invoking the supreme vow of great Bodhi-mind, great compassion,
and the wisdom of emptiness, and passing through three immeasurable
kalpas, one may attain the goal of Buddhahood…

The shared vows are made by all Buddhas; namely, the Four
Great Vows: “To deliver innumerable sentient beings, to cut off endless
vexations, to master limitless approaches to the Dharma, and to attain supreme Buddhahood.”

The Lotus Sutra promises that all who vow to attain Buddhahood for the sake of all beings will ultimately attain Buddhahood, no matter how many lifetimes it takes. 

If you practice being kinder and more compassionate here and now, the rest will follow.