Washington judge blasts youth pastor who raped teen for years…

Washington judge blasts youth pastor who raped teen for years…:

“A Washington judge rebuked a former youth pastor who admitted to repeatedly raping a teenage girl for years.

Christopher Trent pleaded guilty in March to four counts of
third-degree child rape, and the terms of his plea deal left the judge
unable to sentence him to more than five years in prison, reported the Bellingham Herald.

But Judge Raquel Montoya-Lewis told the former church leader that she
wished she could impose a longer prison term and excoriated him for
hiding behind his religious beliefs. “These were poor choices. They were
your choices, over years. You had every opportunity, every day, to stop
what you were doing to this child, and you chose to continue.”

“It is not in the court’s authority or ability to hand out
forgiveness,” Montoya-Lewis said. “But I listened to what happened to
(the girl), and I read about her experiences, and your response to that —
and it is unforgivable.

The 37-year-old Trent, a married father of seven, met the girl
through Bellingham Baptist Church when she was 16 years old, and the
victim told police the abuse escalated from “side hugs” to rape.

The girl estimated that Trent had sexually abused her over 100 times,
and she told police the youth pastor described her as his “sex slave”
and forced her to endure painful sex acts that left her bleeding for

Her mother found hundreds of texts from Trent, who professed his love
for the girl, and she warned him to stay away from her daughter but did
not contact police*.

Trent’s wife found explicit photos of the girl on his phone, but he convinced her they had been sent to him by mistake*.

The head pastor eventually confronted Trent in June 2016 about his
oddly close relationship with the girl, but police didn’t get involved
until July 11, 2016, after a church member found a letter from the girl
that had fallen out of his Bible**.


* bystanders…are enablers…

** probably the missing NT letter to the Pedophillians, with the well-used verse…MustForgiveRape 3:16