On the Courage to Speak of God

On the Courage to Speak of God:

ICYMI: in what David W. Congdon called “A good example of how to engage Bultmann constructively to reflect on our present situation,” Tylor Lovins reflects on how we might begin to speak of God in our present time.

“The extreme rigidity and totalizing character that rationality can sometimes take fails to speak to the reality of the divine. Likewise, the anti-rational stance that too often accompanies postmodern attitudes debilitates and destabilizes us to such an extent that we are unable to become aware of, and question, our desires to speak of the divine in the first place, keeping us from the very confrontation we must have in order to authentically speak of God at all. If, with Bultmann and the demands of the modern world, we cease claiming ultimate truth for our conceptions of the divine, we must learn how to testify to our experiences, to give voice to our liberations and struggles, to our ways of being and ways of thinking. And this involves questioning who we are at our deepest levels: to stand under question.”