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Daehaeng – Wikipedia:

Daehaeng Kun Sunim (대행, 大行; 1927-2012) was a Korean Buddhist nun and Seon (Zen) master. She taught monks as well as nuns, and helped to increase the participation of young people and men in Korean Buddhism.[1][2] 

She made laypeople a particular focus of her efforts, and broke out of traditional models of spiritual practice, teaching so that anyone could practice, regardless of monastic status or gender…

It was important to her that people develop the strengths and tools to be able to practice and overcome whatever might confront them, without becoming dependent upon some outer teacher or guru. 

To this end, she taught people to rely directly upon this “inherent Buddha.” (She also frequently used the Korean expressions for “foundation,” “fundamental mind,” “Juingong”(the one that is truly doing things,“ and “Hanmaum(one mind).) 

She did however say that an outer teacher may be necessary until people find their own, true inner teacher… 

To this extent, she taught people to take the issues of their own daily life as the material of their spiritual practice, and to practice entrusting that to one’s inherent Buddha-nature.