On Megachurches and the Prosperity Gospel

On Megachurches and the Prosperity Gospel:

ICYMI: Ben Whitehead writes about the convergences between the Prosperity Gospel and the megachurch movement.

“The megachurch-Prosperity movement saga is still unfolding. Yet, Bowler’s work shows very clearly the Prosperity message is not relegated to Lakewood Church or Creflo Dollar sermons. The triumphalist overtones of a Hillsong chorus sung out over a crowd of Midwestern suburban megachurch goers are an outgrowth of the Prosperity message, according to Bowler. Ironically, a fair number of these congregations scoff at Joel Osteen and make memes of Joyce Meyer, all the while blind to how Osteen’s message and their nondenominational liturgy are predicated on the same victorious vision of the Prosperity movement.”