I really enjoy following your blog, especially because you are so quick to defend empathy and understanding. Sometimes it feels like the atheist community in general just has so much contempt for any issues that aren’t explicitly about atheism, and it can feel kind of isolating. You always answer questions carefully and seem to have a lot of confidence, and I wanted to thank you for doing this.

I’m an atheist, yes, but first and foremost I’m a human being that’s trying to be a good person. I know what you mean, and I’ve seen it time and time again. The atheists on tumblr, the atheists on Facebook, the atheists on Reddit, they all seem to have an intense disdain for any religious people or anyone who isn’t a militant atheist like them. It’s the elitist mentality that creates the stigmas, and it’s up to us, the decent people, to go against that stigma every chance we get.

I appreciate your words; it is messages like this and people like you that make me glad I run this blog. If I had never had any messages whatsoever before this one, this message alone and messages like it make the whole 4+ years worth it.