Should Buddhists take antidepressants?

Should Buddhists take antidepressants?:

In a perfect world, antidepressants would not be necessary; you would
have such perfect mental control that they would be redundant.

reality, that’s rarely the case.  People battling depression (and it IS a
battle) are not taking the drugs for enjoyment or pleasure; they are
taking them in order to function.

The fifth precept (the
precept to refrain from taking intoxicants) was not meant to harm
anyone, but rather the point was to keep monks in line. 

You cannot
meditate and reach Enlightenment when you are too drunk to sit up
straight. On the other hand, you cannot meditate and reach enlightenment
if your depression keeps you from caring one way or the other.

If it
takes antidepressant medication to get you through the day, there is no reason to judge it.