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Massive Hands Merge From The Water Reaching For Help Amidst the Dangers of Climate Change

While we would all love for a pair of hands to hold us when we are just about to slip away, artist Lorenzo Quinn depicts just that, though in a different light, through his latest monumental installation.

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A remarkable statement on the dangers we face with climate change. As Albert Camus once wrote: Everyone lives as if nobody knows. The Earth is dying and we’re it’s disease. But we’re also the cure. The human proclivity to shirk responsibility has long been a theme in theology. As a people, we stare into chaos, and now we have to redeem it with order, or face, as it is said, “the wrath of God.” Let’s get organized. Let’s educate. Let’s fight climate change. And may we hold our religious leaders accountable for their complicity with the greed of our time when they reject the scientific consensus on this terrifying issue with boundless potential for harm.